They Became My Kids

Mrs. Ackley

Every year, I have the same conversation with my husband. I ramble on and on about how attached I am to my current group of kiddos, and he reminds me that I will love my next group of Kindergartners just as much. He has been right for the past four years… nevertheless, at the end of each year I feel the same sting in my heart. If you are a teacher, you probably feel it too.

My students became my kids, and I hate to see them go.

My Students

When we meet the students at Meet the Teacher, we don’t know their souls or personalities. We don’t know what makes them laugh, cry, or squeal. As excited as we are to get to know them, they are just our students. When the first day of school hits, some are scared. Many don’t trust us. Most would…

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When God is in the Classroom

Mrs. Ackley

I’ve heard it said in various ways, “They have taken God out of the classroom.” I’ve even been asked, “How can you work in a public school when you can’t share your faith with the kids?” I’ve watched teachers walk away from public education with great frustration because of politics, evaluation systems, state standards, pay, and lack of support.

If I am being honest, there are days in which I ask, “Why am I still here?”

Yet, every time I ask myself that question, I hear a soft whisper in my soul… “Because I am here.”

God is in your classroom.

From the depths of my soul, I believe that God has never, can never, and will never be removed from the classroom–even a public school classroom.  One, He is bigger than that. Besides the fact that He is omnipresent , He is the “indwelling spirit” that fills you…

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Une vraie girouette speaking…

Currently listening to Hillsong United. It’s pretty calming and freeing to listen of how we are freed through Jesus, and it’s pretty calming LETTING IT ALL OUT. To wonderful strangers, no-less. Somehow tapping a few letters on a keyboard and seeing them pop up on the screen, is calming.

I feel like the protagonist from Chocolat, a charming film starring beautiful Juliette Binoche and well-known Johnny Depp. When she feels it’s time and the winds-a-changing, she moves on to the next place, the next village, town, wherever. WHERE DOES SHE BELONG? She doesn’t seem to know. Where do WE belong?

Well, sometimes it’s difficult to know. Maybe we don’t need to know. Or feel like we belong. Anyway. Anywhere.

Yet we grow attached to places. To people. To things. And then once we leave a place, that place will always hold connotations of past memories and people.

I think Jefferson Bethke, Christian American author, writes how God dwells in us? Need to check this fact and how he words it… GOD is our dwelling place.

So maybe I shouldn’t be umming and aahhing about whether or not I belong here, there or anywhere. Because in fact, I belong to God. TO HIM. And He dwells in me.

Yet, it’s easy to write this on paper. But to live out Truth is more difficult. At least I find it is.

LIFE FEELS SO CONFUSING SOMETIMES. Sorry, capitals are a bit in-your-face sometimes, aren’t they!

I wrote a while ago about needing a new dream. (Haha, trying to sound poetic).

Well I feel like maybe now is ze time to move on from my current position in work…To start a new chapter?

It’s just 4 years in similar professions without much motivation and confidence of a future in the role… it’s quite an achievement wouldn’t you say!

Well I’m off to eat stir-fry and think further about my life…

Enjoy yours…there’s always the little things 🙂







You shall be safely lead

What would I do without Jesus

When the days with their shadows grow dim

When storm billows roll sweep over my soul

What would I do without him:


Keep on believing, Jesus is near

Keep on believing there is nothing to fear

Keep on believing this is the way

Faith in the night as well as the day


He knows the untried way

He sees each step ahead

and by his guiding hand

you shall be safely lead


~Ethel Bell