Fight, Flight… or Wait?

Fight or Flight. Are you one to confront your situation, or run from it? I guess it all depends on the situation…

In this period of joblessness and penny-lessness (did I not warn you about this?), I admit that I am somewhat reflective. Okay, make that a big fat OVER reflective.

I have a few job opportunities in the pipeline – only problem is, for each opportunity, there is at least one puzzle piece missing.

The ‘Perfect’ Job. The ‘Perfect’ City. The ‘Perfect’ Accommodation. The ‘Perfect’ Salary. The ‘Perfect’ Company.

I guess life doesn’t quite work out like that, does it? Something’s gonna have to give.

For now, I’m thinking it’s gonna be the salary, or else, the accommodation.


During this unsettling period of erm, being unsettled, I have been seeking some encouragement. Now that I am hopefully done sobbing on the phone to my mother (sorry mum…), I am happy to find comfort in the words of some other of my siblings in Christ.

Robin Jones Gunn encouraged me to, wait with hope, and posted Psalm 130:5 this week, on her blog post titled, ‘Waiting’:

I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits,
    and in his word I put my hope.

Toby Mac reminded me that:


I guess God knows what He’s doing. Sometimes, I just wish I knew what He was up to too.

Should I, or should I not wait? What step is next to take?


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