A New Dream

Looking at the photograph, I smile. I ask myself, “Who is she, that girl?”

A girl with brown hair, dressed in black, red and white. She looks like she’s just graduated.

You can tell, she’s excited for the future. She’s confident. She’s happy. She’s healthy. The world’s her oyster!

She’s got a dream – and she knows she’s headed in that direction. She has a loving family and supportive friend-network. What does she have to fear?

Now, a year on, this girl looks at her reflection in the mirror. And who does she see?

She sees a girl a year older. Still happy, still healthy. But things have changed.

With new white hairs and a trying year behind her, she’s just a little less excited for the future; she’s feeling older than her years, tired, more fearful, more uncertain.

Now that her dream has become a reality, her reality is no dreamland.

Dressed now only in black and white, the red no more, she smiles at her graduation photograph.

Inspired by her old self’s fearless and excited spirit, she tells herself:

I‘ve just got to find myself a new dream.


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