Party Time?

It is Tuesday the 7th of July 2015, and I am officially en vacances !!

Near penniless, yes, but that aside, it’s my summer break…


For my final classes with the children, the theme was “Party Time”. So I had fun taking FULL advantage of this theme title (as sometimes what we are to teach seems quite vague and flexible)…Thanks to google, I delivered lessons including a variety of party show-stopper games and craft activities 😉

For example:

1. Musical statues

2. Relay races (using bean-bags on heads and balloons between knees)

3. How many pom poms in the jar? (with an edible prize for the closest guesser, of course)

4. Pop the balloons (having a balloon tied to your ankle, the aim is to pop everyone else’s balloon, and to be the last one standing with your balloon still in tact)

5. Hand-made party horns

6. Salt dough (pushing, prodding, rolling, and making shapes of snakes and snails, obvs)

I also made a ridiculous amount of strawberry jelly for my two year old classes. I even took some to church the following weekend, and had left-overs. I made THAT much!

After the party theme classes, I did feel like quite a kids party-planner expert, I admit! New vocation, perhaps?


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