Take a break. Take a Kitkat break.

The holidays.

Time to breathe out. Ahhhh.

Right now, I’m back in my hometown. CARDIFF 🙂 (The capital of Wales, incase you didn’t know…) Just finished reading my lil bro a story about Freddie the Firefighter; dad’s watching the snooker and I’m a-sitting on the sooorrrffa with me lappy on me lap. Chilled!

I’ve had a great time catching up with family this past week. As usual, time spent with them is always too short. Yet I now feel like my home is in Lille, in FRANCE, across the sea. WHO KNEW THAT WOULD HAPPEN. With some new sisterchicks in Christ, of course!

But I miss my family –  love them to pieces! Even those I’ve not seen this time around, I think about them often.

TIME!? Where does it go.

My lil bro says I’m the prettiest girl in the world. Not sure if it’s my dad who’s brainwashed him – but either way I’m flattered!

Nearly 23 years old and I’m starting to feel old already.

A lady actually said to me today – because my dad is looking so ‘YOUTHFUL’ (her word), that she wasn’t sure whether me and my dad were (wait for the freaky factor) – TOGETHER! As in, the guardians of my little bro. Wow. I must be looking older right?! AND one of my dad’s clients (who I met last year) looked at me this week, gobsmacked, as though I was somebody new altogether. Matured, I say, like a cheddar cheese.

Life. It’s a funny old thing!


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