Long Way Smiles and Helping Hands

Mondays. What do you think of when you read that word? Yay? Not bothered? Already?

Today is one of those days – a MONDAY. And I admit, I’m not much of a Monday-lover. Saturday lover? Sunday lover? Count me in. Ze weekennnd!

Monday lover however, I’m out.

After my usual 4 classes today, I am happy to have made it through yet another Monday. Is it too bad that I’m counting? 8 more Mondays left working in that primary school…

Why? Because I-have-no-authority-with-these-kids, and when I suddenly do and something’s suddenly clicked… I’ll have another discouraging lesson.

Anyway, today after “teaching” my 4 classes (failing at disciplining more-like!), there were two things that made my day:

1. A teacher at the school offered to drop me home. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!

And with the amount of pupils’ books I wanted to take home, THIS WAS A MASSIVE HELP, thank you Lord!

2. A lady smiled at me in the street. Simple, but understated. Smiles go a long way! This only made me feel more happy.

MONDAYS. I need to remember that Mondays too are a gift. And we are to rejoice in them too, just like every other day!

This didn’t happen today, but one thing that makes my heart smile another little smile, is having 4 year olds helping me speak French. When I can’t say ‘Arthur’ or ‘Mathilde’ in a French enough way, these little ones do not hesitate to correct me and repeat repeat!

These small acts of love and kindness  – a smile, a practical helping hand, a gentle correction, are big acts of love in disguise! Big happiness boosting memories.

I hope you lived some good Monday moments too this Monday.


Napkin Note:

Dear Emma,
Each day is a gift, make it count.
Love, Dad

PS – Yes, Even Mondays.


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