Long Way Smiles and Helping Hands

Mondays. What do you think of when you read that word? Yay? Not bothered? Already?

Today is one of those days – a MONDAY. And I admit, I’m not much of a Monday-lover. Saturday lover? Sunday lover? Count me in. Ze weekennnd!

Monday lover however, I’m out.

After my usual 4 classes today, I am happy to have made it through yet another Monday. Is it too bad that I’m counting? 8 more Mondays left working in that primary school…

Why? Because I-have-no-authority-with-these-kids, and when I suddenly do and something’s suddenly clicked… I’ll have another discouraging lesson.

Anyway, today after “teaching” my 4 classes (failing at disciplining more-like!), there were two things that made my day:

1. A teacher at the school offered to drop me home. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!

And with the amount of pupils’ books I wanted to take home, THIS WAS A MASSIVE HELP, thank you Lord!

2. A lady smiled at me in the street. Simple, but understated. Smiles go a long way! This only made me feel more happy.

MONDAYS. I need to remember that Mondays too are a gift. And we are to rejoice in them too, just like every other day!

This didn’t happen today, but one thing that makes my heart smile another little smile, is having 4 year olds helping me speak French. When I can’t say ‘Arthur’ or ‘Mathilde’ in a French enough way, these little ones do not hesitate to correct me and repeat repeat!

These small acts of love and kindness  – a smile, a practical helping hand, a gentle correction, are big acts of love in disguise! Big happiness boosting memories.

I hope you lived some good Monday moments too this Monday.


Napkin Note:

Dear Emma,
Each day is a gift, make it count.
Love, Dad

PS – Yes, Even Mondays.


Hello World!

So. I realised this blog was kind of like my place-to-come-and-escape.

You see, since work has been going OK, where I no longer walk to work on the verge of tears whilst saying a thousand prayers, I’ve kinda left this blog behind…

But now I’m back!

Grrr. If I can get a hang of this new laptop of mine. I can’t even see what I’m writing now. Seriously.

Anyway. So I’m back. This time though, I’m not here to escape. But rather, to update and encourage you! Work, well, dare I say it…is actually going okay. Admittedly, in the school where I work, the truth leaves a lot to be desired. But I get through the days. The kids do too, miraculously. (Believe me, miracles happen. Kids seriously believe they can fly. Ahem).

Perhaps a month ago now, me and my ‘colocs’ decided to start praying together regularly. I don’t know what it was, but for around 3 days I just had this desire inside to pray for the people around me, and after a few intimate prayers with friends, I suggested to my houseymate that we start praying together regularly. So that’s what we began to do. Thanks be to God!

I can’t say we’ve prayed every single night from then, but at least for the first two weeks ish, we prayed most if not every evening. And I cannot tell you just HOW much that helps and changes your life; how reassuring and encouraging it is to bring everything before God. We saw answers to prayer immediately. Some prayers we are still waiting on, but we know God’s got a plan. If you are living with Christians, and you don’t spend time together praying regularly, I would encourage you to do so! Even when you’re tired and still preparing for a day of teaching at 11pm the night before, it’s worth it.

I also told you in my last blog post about the read-the-Bible-in-one-year plan I started. Well, following that specific plan has kind of gone out the window. However, since beginning that plan, and being encouraged by my groupe de croissance (a sister in Christ), I have had a new thirst and motivation to read the Bible  morning and night. I would encourage you too, to work at reading the Bible with perhaps a more mature Christian, to have someone to be accountable to, who encourages you in growing in your faith. Reading morning and night, I’m still working on this though! Sometimes, as in today, it doesn’t happen. But I’m not gonna be discouraged!

Think I will leave you there for now… and end on this note –

God has a plan for your life, better than your own. The best thing we can do, is spend that quality time with Him, and trust in Him. Stop praying a million times a day out of fear; rather pray with a sincere heart that once, and trust that God has taken the burden already and has got you in His hands. Let Him carry you and lead you into His will for you. He knows every thought, word and action that you will think, speak and do – tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

Recently, I dwelled on verse Psalm 118:24, that THIS is a day that “the Lord has made” so – “let us rejoice and be glad in it”! What I also find encouraging is 2 Corinthians 12:9. The verse reminds us that Christ’s grace is sufficient for us. And amazingly – we may boast even more gladly in our weaknesses, as it is then that Christ’s power rests on us.

That same power which rose Christ from the dead, rests and work within us.

Let us not underestimate that power! 🙂