Lady Lugubrious

I feel like I’ve lost my laid-backness. I feel like this week yet again, I’m living and breathing teaching. And I don’t like it when I feel that way. I’m just not used to it. I’m not all that organised. And when I try to be more organised, I don’t get quick reactions. And then it’s all bad, cos whatever I’m doing whether I plan more in advance or whether I’m more last-min, it seems I just do things too late anyway.

These past two days I haven’t eaten that much. This probably doesn’t help my ill humour…

So what is the secret, of a teacher who can balance their work and their leisure time? Must we be super prepared and get everything done and organised over the holidays, or does it just all come with experience…!?

And now December looms,  which will be my final month in this accommodation (my colocation with two students). And here comes conundrum number two – January’s accommodation. Although, like my mum said, it’s a bit of a no-brainer. I should take the room that’s just been offered to me in this same block of flats.  It just confuses things, when I’ve just agreed to live in another place, and then I get this offer two days later.

I think I need a happy pill! Here I am complaining. When luckily I have: a great great supportive family, many many supportive friends, and supportive workmates too.

Well, that’s all for now. Brief update for you. Lucky you…

Brief update, and some: Last Tuesday I had a day when everything seemed to go wrong. I had an emotional outburst, made a wrong decision at work, I found out I had gone over my max. number of photocopies when I still had a lot to do, and then the photocopier jammed. However, on the weekend I made time for leisure activities! Friday was great as I went swimming, sauna ing and jacuzzi ing, and then Saturday I went to the cinema to see La Famille Belial. If you get the chance to see that film, I think it’s worth a watch!


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