Give Me Joy In My Heart, Keep Me Praising

I’m sitting here with my third English Breakfast tea of the day. Am I missing home and good old British pleasures or what? Nah…

Got 4 lessons tomorrow. 2 of them will be based on the bright topic of ‘Halloween’, and the other two on the mediocre theme of ‘Back to School’. I figured Halloween’d be a fun topic for the kids, but we shall see – with me as the teacher, let’s just say anything could happen! I’m just praying that the children will enjoy the lessons; and that I can actually explain the games that I hope to play with them. Still need to finish getting a few things prepared tonight.

I’m just praying for joy in these lessons this week. Up until now, I feel like I’ve rarely felt that joy in my classes. The kind of joy that is contagious, where everyone is enjoying themselves, the children, the parents, and myself. This Saturday just gone, that was a good lesson. I honestly felt over the moon, after my difficult Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, that Saturday turned out okay. More than okay even!

So, best be off to finish organising my ideas and the numbers of photocopies etc. Tomorrow shall be the beginning of another busy week! This evening shall be the start of it even…

A toute mes amis!


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