Looking To The Sky

Didn’t really want to blog today as I figured I shouldn’t blog toooo much. Anyway, just a little post to answer the question I posed in one of my recent posts:

What connects

1. La Montgolfière (hot air balloon)

2. Le Hachis Parmentier (Shepherd’s Pie)


3. La Poubelle (a rubbish bin)?

The answer is: They are all named after their inventors!

(I learnt this from one of my intelligent housemates)

You see, here are the names:

1. The Montgolfier brothers, Jacques-Etienne & Joseph-Michel.

2. Antoine Parmentier

3. Eugène Poubelle

I may as well give you a tiny update too, on the teaching front! Today went much better than I expected; one of the parent’s even complimented me to my boss, and she also said that I am a really good singer?! Didn’t expect that comment, but I am just happy that my working week ended on a good note. (No pun intended!)

Unfortunately though, I now have a cold. So, back to the elephant phase. I’m needing to me moucher every 5 minutes. Pleasant times! I’m sure I’ve been under the weather for most of my time in Lille now; my bad throat of the past, was soon to be replaced by said cold! I think it was Thursday’s evening walk that did it. Woke up yesterday morning with a cold. Now I can’t breathe through my nostrils. Great!

Anyway, one good thing is that tonight I went for the first time to my church’s Youth Group/Young People’s Group, and after it had finished, we drove to a little farm where there was an ‘Astronomy Day’ event going on. It was an event organised by the Club Astronomique de la Région Lilloise. We got to watch the stars, see the moon close-up and learn a bit about planets, comets, the sun….and all that jazz. Apparently I saw Andromeda Galaxy as well – a galaxy I didn’t even know existed, but hey ho, now I can say I’ve seen a galaxy with my own eyes!

CARL Telescope


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