Dancing in Stink

So let me just explain – I like Lille, I don’t think it’s an un-pretty place. It has character. But sometimes, it just smells. You know, some places just have a bad odour. And in Lille, sometimes you get a waft of a something or other… In Venice it kinda stinks too. And no, it’s not just me who says that Lille smells – a German friend I met today, she agrees, alright mate!

Anyway, just wanted to drop in and share this little something with you; something I read today which I came across in a Dance magazine, Danse. I know, I should not be spending money on such things! First time I assure you, and the last… However, I did buy it, and I read this rather lovely description of one’s relationship with dance:

Dancing for me is the harmonious conversation between body and soul. Flying transported by the wings of music, freed of the constraints of time and space.

Dancing is being able to connect to a source that is the alpha and omega of any movement.

Is being submerged in a river of emotions ever changing, joy, sadness, all part of a bigger Whole Present to the fluidity of the moment, is the joy of being alive and here, and at the same time, nowhere.

Xiomara Reyes

In fact, I might go to a dance class tomorrow, or I never will. So I’ll soon see whether I’ll be dancing in stink, or in sync…


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