Not Much Going Down

Nothing much to report. Reporting anyway.

Had maybe the first Monday (and fourth Monday!) where I didn’t feel like bursting at the end of the day. Although I taught for 4 hours, rather than 2. I think I’m getting used to these kids. As in, getting used to how WILD and imaginative these kids can be, and what amuses them when it doesn’t amuse me in the slightest. Sometimes, I am amused, other times, I am just really aware of the kids’ safety. And then there are times when the kids are just doing exactly what I tell them not to. Then, my friends, I am not at all amused. My tone has definitely changed since starting out, but I still haven’t quite mastered managing a group of young kids. Sheepdog! I need tips on how to guide my sheep! I admit, I had the impression I was in some kind of zoo today. And the worrying thing is, it didn’t even phase me. Going to have to do a lot of praying for wisdom I think!

I don’t think I’ve said yet – last Wednesday, one highlight of my day was hearing a little 3/4 year old boy telling another little one that he’d just had English, and that it was good. HOWEVER, I think he spoke too soon; following his little compliment was a very difficult session, with what felt like half my class crying for their parents.

Miraculously, I am getting through these weeks. Tomorrow, I have only one hour. THANK GOODNESS. Wednesday and Thursday are going to be interesting.

I’ll bid you goodnight, and leave you with a challenge for today:

What links these three French words?

1. La Montgolfière (hot-air balloon)

2. La Poubelle (bin)

3. Hachis Parmentier (shepherd’s pie)

*To be revealed…*





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