There is no Testimony without the Test

So today I feel like it’s been a bit of an average day. But really, it’s just how I feel…because really, I know it hasn’t been just an average day.

Besides thinking about work (which truth be told is worrying me a little now it feels more real), today I enjoyed two blessed meet-ups with two lovely ladies, and a nice big food shop, in Lidl.

This morning I met up a beautiful American lady. I’d only met her on Monday, and truth be told, I thought I had planned to meet up with the German girl I met on Monday, but I got confused with names! Talk about ditsy. Anyway, I soon found out it was the lovely American lady I was meeting, when she bounced over with a smile and a hug. She had some moving life stories to tell, yet at the same time she was so encouraging when I told her about my little eye-opening past week in Lille. It was a real blessing to sit for a few hours and chat. She said that coming from an American work culture, she too was thankful for a bit of social time; where life doesn’t equate to just work.

Interestingly enough, this new American friend of mine, is a TWIN. Yes, a twin. I love how we twins can do some twin bonding! Also, many years ago, she too started out as an English teacher in France. She said she had a really tough time about it, but having learnt from experience, is now well settled into her teaching profession.

The American lady introduced me to a fancy restaurant/patisserie/salon de thé “Meert” where we indulged in sweet patisseries. Hopefully when I have the photo, I can show you what interesting patisserie I ate!

Then my second blessing lies here: I met with another lady (another German lady actually) this afternoon. We decided a few weeks ago that we would meet once a week to study and discuss chapters of the Bible together. Today we studied Romans 6. This was another blessing; as I’m still reasonably new in Lille, I sometimes feel like I don’t really know some people that well, and that I can still be a bit reserved. But today I felt more at ease with this lady, conversation flowed, and I really enjoyed our little Groupe de Croissance. I feel blessed that this new German friend offered we do it, and that we can grow together!

Well, although I’ve maybe not progressed on the work front, I have many blessings to count either way. It’s nearly 11pm now, and although tomorrow is Saturday, I am teaching tomorrow morning – 2 year olds and their parents…oh the joys! Well… I’m sure I will enjoy it once I’ve had some sleep…

Before leaving for sleepynations, I’ll leave you with this little saying I read today, to help us on our way.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

There Is No Testimony Without The Test


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