Squashed Tomato Diaries

I’m so excited. Because now, it’s THURSDAY. You know what that means?  It means I’ve survived nearly a whole week of my new job. Okay, it’s true, in the end some workshops didn’t even begin this week – they may not even begin next week, as there is talk of adding yet MORE pupils/hours to the list… (Just so you are up-to-date – my teaching timetable includes classes and workshops in a primary school, and sessions in a language centre).

Anyway. I shall give you a brief (which will probably turn into a long) update. On the job front. Quick note: I have my passpass card! Which means I can travel on metro, bus and tram for 22.50 euro a month as much as I like! No longer spending 9 euro for every three days (ish). Phew.

Back to my update. Monday, was Monday. I think maybe I already posted about Monday? I’ll have a check.

HOWEVER Tuesday was another thing altogether. So I had only the one hour of teaching on Tuesday, a small group of 3 children. It’s strange, yet refreshing, to go from teaching *trying to teach* 15 children in a school setting, to teaching 3 children in a language centre. Obviously with only 3 children to teach, there have to be many more activities planned, and sometimes different/adapted activities too!

Yesterday, was Wednesday – my first complete day working at the language centre. I had 2 sessions with 2 year olds from 10:15am. This was interesting, as one parent of each child remains with the child for the session. I worked with Sid, the puppet, and a few songs and books, and we played hide and seek in English and also had an Englishified Teddy Bear’s Picnic. I feel a bit odd saying that I’m getting paid for that.

And after that, I ate lunch at work, and then from 2pm I had three 1-hour sessions with children aged 3-6. I can tell you now, I don’t think teaching those kids is going to be easy. Firstly, the room I was in is FULL of kid-distractions. At first, you might think it’s a nice colourful kiddie room, with puppets, toys and all that. HOWEVER beware. Trying to teach 8 or so kids English, with my song preferences and videos and games and books, whilst there’s an Irish hat lying around, a bell to ring, alphabet fridge magnets, and a doll’s house? No chance. And some kids, they just don’t want to listen…

My final group in the centre was a difficult one too. I hadn’t realised that teaching the little ones in the centre would be that different from teaching the little ones in the school. HOWEVER, little children in a school setting feel more at ease I guess, as they have their friends and teachers around; whereas in the centre the kids have only just met one another and their parents are dumping them off in English-y surroundings, soon to be sitting opposite a random scary smiley face. So – I had three tiny tots sobbing/bawling in my final session, and trying to settle them at the same time as teaching other tiny ones is no mean feat.

Also at the centre, things work differently from in the school (as you may have guessed). Amongst other things, there are presence sheets to fill out and hand back to reception for each session, and all teachers must greet the children and parents when the children arrive, and then accompany the children back to the entrance afterwards, waiting for the parents to pick them up. With no break in 3 hours of teaching and greeting, it’s just a little chaotic shall we say. I know I’m going to forget something one of these days (i.e. something important…).

Today, was Thursday. Happy that it’s over, yet today was one of those, more enjoyable days shall we say. I’ve taught in the school for 3 weeks now, so this being my third week, I do feel more at ease there it’s true. WELL the same can’t be said for Monday, but for Thursdays I can happily say that. I do feel more at ease 🙂

It’s funny how selfish little ones are. One will start talking about himself, saying, ‘Bah, moi…’ and then you’ll hear 3 or 4 more little voices chiming in, ‘Bah, moi…!’ ‘Bah, moi…!’

To be honest, I’m really just a little bit overwhelmed. I’m happy now I’ve got through the week. Lessons planned and prepped – although having gone to the UK last weekend! Was up until 1am yesterday evening as after leaving work at 7pm, I just wanted a good old break from thinking about anything work. Didn’t start cutting out things for class until around 11pm maybe?

My personality is perhaps not suited to the teaching profession. I’m known for being: quite ditsy, quiet, forgetful, not the most assertive, sometimes unenthusiastic and kinda last minute. But we shall see how long we last!

Well that’s quite a long post and it’s nearly 11pm my time and I’ve not even eaten yet. Honestly, I just want to start dancing or swimming again but I feel I’ve no time to breathe!
Feeling just a little bit angoissée shall we say!

Synonyms of l’angoisse?

L’inquietude, l’anxieté…


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