Oh, Mondays.


So. I’ve realised now, after 3 consecutive weeks, that Mondays just don’t do it for me.

For some reason, Mondays are difficult days. Thursdays are better days. C’est comme ça.

Walking home today, I had a headache. Either because of the children’s constant chatter, or the fact that I hadn’t drank anything for hours. Probably dehydration.

Tonight I will be going to eat with some friends, and then possibly go to a little Bible study, before doing some more preparation before bed *fingers crossed*.

Luckily tomorrow I have only one hour of teaching, so I have time to finish preparing for what will be my full-on Wednesdays and Thursdays! I will start teaching in the Language Centre tomorrow (so far I’ve only been teaching in the one primary school), so hopefully I’ll settle more there. I was meant to start leading some English workshops in the school today too, however they will now be starting from this Thursday.

I met another English-teaching colleague today. She’s from America. Her French is so good, I originally thought she was French and had learnt English with an American accent. We spoke about teaching being a learn-on-the-job kind of thing; how we learn how to teach by getting out there and teaching. Hoping this is true! I’m kind of starting to think that maybe the teaching gift is something you kinda have or you haven’t. And I’m not sure I have it.

Off to skype a friend for some English conversation. To give my brain and head a rest.

Oh and I’ve just finished a hefty 100g bar of chocolate. Because this is what Mondays do to me now…


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