Well. Today’s gone fast. Again. Still yet to prep my lesson plans. But I have been thinking about them, and I have been doing productive things! For example:

1. Today I went to work this morning from 10am til 1pm. Yep, on a Saturday. Goodbye weekends for me!

2. I did a nice big (minus a few things) food shop which was desperately needed, and it wasn’t too expensive!

3. I met my new housemate, who is also lovely.

4. I went to a colleague’s appart to exchange some work ideas/techniques.

You see!

Unfortunately though, I fear I have not yet found my ‘teaching style’. Whereas my colleague sounds like he’s got discipline and his style down to a T. He’s a grandpa already. (Read my first post).

Anyway, this morning went well. It was a Matinée Ouverte (an open day) for the parents and their kids who will be coming to the centre to learn English – lessons in the centre begin in a week’s time!

One lady there surprised me by saying I spoke French well – she told me she was deaf but could read my lips! This is quite ironic, as in July when I was working in a château near Jarze (Pays de la Loire), you don’t know HOW many times a Frenchlady there told me to “OUVREZ LA BOUCHE!” (open your mouth!) and “ARTICULEZ!”

I guess since I’ve moved to Lille I’ve been speaking more French, and better opening my mouth it seems.


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