Ah, bon?

Now I’ve started I just can’t stop. Blogging!

Just thought of another gem to post. Can’t help it sorry!

Went for a bank meeting the other day, you know the good old open-an-account meeting.

So, my current landlord is a pastor (pretty cool, huh?)

I tell the bank guy this, because, why ever not. I had to show Mr. Bank Guy a proof of address doc. anyway, and my nice Mr. Landlord Pastor was happy to write a proof of address document for me, so he deserved a mention.

In response to my, ‘My landlord is a pastor’ comment (which may have looked a little strange to an outsider, but hey, ho), Mr. Bank Guy tells me:

‘There are no pastors in France. Only vicars and priests’

To which I replied, (perhaps too nonchalantly), ‘Ooh?’

I don’t think Mr. Bank Guy’s looked very far, unfortunately…

There is that apparent divide between Catholics and Protestants in France.
I guess Caths and Prots are not totally united in the UK either, but I feel the difference is a stronger one in France.


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