A bruised reed He will not break

“A bruised reed He will not break” Matt. 12:20. I read that verse recently. I like it.

So today I had my first day of 7 classes. Without any teacher or anything. Because IIIIIIIIII was the teacher. I have to say, I did feel a little *wah* last night.

Well, I have noticed that I don’t always stick to my lesson plans. Which I know, is not a bad thing, but sometimes I forget to do something which is really a useful activity which I want to include. For example, in one group, half way through I forgot I hadn’t asked them all their names using the pass-the-ball approach (which had been going well for previous groups). Also, there’s Koala my hand puppet; I used him for the first group and then forgot about him for the next four, being two ditsy headed and jumping straight into other things.

I have also noticed that my time management and discipline skills may not be up to scratch right now. One tot turned down the music when we were singing; when I said not to touch the CD player, there he is hovering around it like a wasp over lemonade. Another little one started sharing the mini British flags around the class in the middle of an activity. Another kid grabs my drink and starts saying he’s thirsty. 2, then 3 boys start wrestling on the floor. Phew.

Re. time-management: I read 2 books in one half an hour session with the younger kids today – and I don’t want to be reading two books in a half hour session, I just didn’t know how to fill the time. Plus, I managed to do 3 songs with one group of kids in a half hour session too. So when it comes to lesson structure & controlling these kids, a bit all over the place. Still, if I didn’t have anything to learn, what fun would that be, ha!

At least today there was no pencil case throwing or cushion fighting – and no ball thrown in my face – I am sure it was unintentional…

I asked my CP ‘eleves’ how old they thought my twin sister was – I had guesses from 10 to 50 years old. Also, when I showed them the photo of my sister, some of the kids thought it was actually me (I know they’re only small, but still it’s nice for people to recognise you do look a little similar to your own TWIN).

It’s only my first week of work. So we shall see, as I keep saying, how the rest of the weeks pan out… this week & next week I don’t have many hours – only around 7. When I start properly the week after next, working in this school and also in a language centre, I will have double that.

One thing’s for sure, teaching little’ uns really helps reassure you that you can actually speak some French.

NB: I felt like a crumpled leaf yesterday. Think this is why I felt drawn to Matthew 12:20.



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