New Lilloise in town

I have recently moved to Lille. To work as an English Teacher. For kids/primary schools. No teacher training. Just voilà, in a classroom of 14 chattery 7 year olds.

Not your cup of tea? Nah, didn’t think so.

Actually, I thought it wouldn’t be THAT hard. But with a sore throat, and my broken-up French, teaching these little ones is not quite that simple.

Tomorrow I will be teaching 5 groups of la maternelle (the tiny ones) for the first time in my life too.

Having been an English Teaching Assistant before, the preparation doesn’t seem too harrowing, at least not up to now. (Ahem, only my second day of work…) Although now as an official English teacher, I have the privilege of following the school curriculum and assessing the little ones at the end of every semester.

Maybe I’ll post a few snippets of the beginnings of my year as a teacher, as I start out as a baby and *fingers crossed* grow into a grandma. Otherwise, I’ll always remember that time I tried out as an English Teacher in Lille… but ended up back at home working in my lovely Tesco’s local.

We shall see how long I last here, shall we!

I’m off to cut out some name tags for my older groups. And then hole-punching and ribbon cutting are on the menu!

See you guys later maybe.

Oh, just a useful fact: I was once told that voilà derives from “voir là”. Intéressant, non?


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